Enabling crowdsourced
sports commentary.
Squanch is developing a platform that will give anyone the opportunity to commentate football games in real-time. Viewers will be able to choose from a range of commentators based on their preferences.

What's wrong with traditional sports commentary?


No personalization

Tired of one-commentary-fits-all? Experience the difference as Squanch amplifies the personal touch, making the game as unique as your fandom.


No choice

Feeling disconnected from the pros behind the mic? Squanch hands you the remote, offering the power to choose who guides you through the game.


No interaction

Missing the thrill of game-time debates and discussions? Ignite real-time interaction with Squanch and transform from a passive viewer to an active participant.


Unused talent

Got game insights that could dazzle even the experts? Unleash your potential on Squanch, the stage that turns avid fans into acclaimed commentators.

Do you see other issues with traditional sports commentary?

Our solution

Dive into the thrill of multiple commentaries with our video showcase below! Switch up the audio and experience firsthand the game-changing impact on your viewing experience. It's sports like you've never heard before - go on, give it a whirl and listen to the game your way!

Disclaimer for iOS devices: First start the video and then select the commentary. For the best experience, please visit the page on a desktop.

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Who is behind Squanch?

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